ASAM: The Charles Allis Art Museum

There’s something fantastic about a museum you can see in a couple of hours and truly see everything on display. The Charles Allis, dedicated to the decorative arts, has a quirky and fascinating collection held in an old Milwaukee mansion. The galleries retain the names they had when the mansion was lived in – bedroom, library, etc. The setting is as interesting as the art, which ranges from wonderful to terrible. The great hall, a modern addition, holds special events including classic movies (free with membership- a couple of movies and membership is worth it.) Truly an old school treasure. Look out for special exhibits by Milwaukee artists and combo tickets with Villa Terrace and/or the Pabst Mansion.

Charles Allis Decorative Arts Museum

1801 N Prospect Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53202
(414) 278-8295

Wednesday – Sunday 1 to 5 p.m.

Awesome Stuff About Milwaukee (ASAM) is an occasional series of posts. Eventually a search for ASAM will yield a mini-guide to the city in GBGL’s opinionated style.


What will Vichy say?

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. President and CEO William E. Gardner gave $43,800 to Scott Walker’s campaign illegally. Walker has of course returned the money. Walker has come out against the high speed rail Gardner favors.

“Little did I know, (until) after the story the other day in the paper, that in any way he was interested in high-speed rail,” Walker told reporters. “Clearly, my position on that has been constant. In fact, if anything it has been more aggressive in fighting it and will be.” –Journal Sentinel May 24, 2010

I have no snarky comment to make. Here, however, is a completely unrelated classic moment from the film Casablanca.

And then there were three

I’m back. Some of you know the Blog Cabin slipped into the Milwaukee River from its precarious mudbank last week, but now we’ve got it hauled out and almost dry.

Anything interesting happen while I was busy with the hair dryer and towels? Probably not, I mean, what could ha- HOLY SH*T WHAT DID YOU SAY? Jim Leinenkugel out of the GOP Senate race? The one reasonable, considerable, likable Republicant is out of the race and endorsing Ron Johnson? What?

Now we’ve got three candidates on the Republicant side. Ron Johnson, who looks like the nice guy that warmly greets the FBI agent at the beginning of the movie but you just know is going to end up being the serial killer, is the leading candidate, what with lots of money and the party’s blessing.

While it sounds like a move toward Party Unity, in fact this shows the odd split the Republicants have as they attempt to figure out why the 20-year-old playbook isn’t working anymore. I believe Leinenkugel would have had a shot in the general. Johnson – he’ll have to prove himself and there is a chunk of the base that doesn’t like him.

Karl Rove at Next Chapter tonight

My comments on this are here.

Nobody could have seen this coming

Wingnuts love it when someone who fits the populist terrorist profile turns out to be a terrorist. It justifies profiling, it feeds their fantasies, it’s manna to them. I wonder how they feel when a hardcore gun advocate fits the left wing idea of a “gun nut”.

A Milwaukee man who filed a civil rights lawsuit over his arrests for openly carrying a gun into stores has been charged with fatally shooting one man and wounding another outside his south side home over the weekend. -Journal Sentinel May 14, 2010

Mr. Jesus Gonzalez, who believes he has the right to walk into Wal Mart openly carrying a deadly weapon, has been charged, but of course is presumed innocent until trial. All I’m saying is that I’m shocked, shocked, to find him somehow involved in a deadly shooting. A man is dead. Another has been seriously wounded. But, hey, the Second Amendment is safe, amiright?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. -Second Amendment, Constitution of the United States.

I like the first three words a lot.

Oh, good, breach of contract too.

Oh for Chri- I mean, for Jiminy’s sake, it turns out Marquette didn’t just rescind an offer to Jodi O’Brien to become Dean of Arts and Sciences, they actually broke a signed contract.

O’Brien, who has been classy about this thus far, probably has a legal case. We’ll keep an eye on that angle. How much will this whole unnecessary and ridiculous mess cost Marquette in real dollars, aside from the loss of reputation?

More importantly, Father Wild and Archbishop Listecki had better look into that whole Eighth Commandment* thing before they meet St. Peter, who makes Judge Judy look like Judge Reinhold.

*The Catholic eighth commandment, which is the ninth to other Christians, except, for some reason, the Lutherans. No, I’m not linking to it, look it up for yourself.

ASAM: Glorioso Brothers Italian Grocery

ASAM stands for Awesome Stuff About Milwaukee and will highlight the greatest things about the Brew City.

ASAM #1 is Glorioso Brothers Italian grocery and deli. If you live here you already know about it, right? It’s located right on Brady Street in not nearly enough space. When you walk in there are little plastic canisters of nuts, dried fruits, and candies. The wines are awesome. They have Limoncello too. The olive oils are wonderful, including a great house brand. At the deli they make amazing sandwiches. They are supposed to be moving across the street and I have mixed feelings about this; it’ll be nice to negotiate the aisles easily but will it lose its charm? All will be forgiven if they can fit in some tables so you can sit and eat your Muffuletta sandwich with a nice San Pelligrino orange from the fridge. Right now there are only a couple of plastic tables on the sidewalk so in the winter foggetaboudit.

1020 E Brady St
(414) 272-0540